Tamil Nadu is a hot spot for tourist. It caters to every taste – from adventure to leisure or culture.

For the adventurous there are wild life safaris, deep jungle trek to discover new waterfalls, sea surfing, rock climbing, paragliding and many more..

To the leisure travellers, there are beaches, hill stations, resorts to unwind . Tamil Nadu has oldest civilization, oldest language and heritage. It reflects in its culture, grand temples and festivals.

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Pilgrimage – Tamil Nadu is the ultimate destination for the devout Hindu for salvation. It has over 1000s of temples which has provided comfort to enlightened rishis, kings and ordinary souls. Each temple has a story dating back to eons.

For the Vasihnavites- there are 108 divya desams – 84 of them are here in TN

Divya desams in tamil nadu

For the Shaivaites- there are 276 padal petra sthalam – 268 of them are here in Tamil Nadu. Rest 8 are in Andhra, Kerala, UP, Uttranchal and Sri Lanka

Padal petra sthalams in tamil nadu

Thirupugghazh Kshtrams and Arupadai Veedu

Thirupugazh Kshetrams and Arupaddai veedu

Navagraha Sthalams in Tamil Nadu