India is very diverse country. Visiting a few states will not give you the full picture. There are wide disparity in terms of geography, culture, language, customs and cusisine. Each region brings its own charm and urge you explore more! Here we present all the 32 regions of India classified by states and Union Territories.

South india

It is a land of temples, stunning hill stations, western ghats, rivers and beautiful heritage sites like Hampi, Haibedu and of course beaches like Varkala, Marina and Gokarna..

WEST india

It is the land of Kings and Palaces in Rajasthan, change of scenery in desert like Thar and Kutch, mighty forts in Rajasthan, wildlife, and heritage sites like Ajanta/Ellora are too good to miss..

EAST india

It is magical with heritage sites like Bhubaneshwar/Puri, Land of Buddha – Gaya, Nalanda, pristine forests, rural India

central india

The mighty Vindhyas and Saptura range weaves magic from ancient days – Ujjain, Chitrakoot, Magical narmada and Godavari and plenty to explore!