India is known for elephants roaming the streets. Though it happens now, most of the untamed wild elephants one can encounter are in thick jungles. During wild safaris, one can sight lone bull elephant or herds minding their business. Get too close, the leader of the group will give you a mock charge to show your boundaries.

According to latest census estimates, there are 27000 to 31000 elephants in India. This broad range is due to number of unreported elephants in state of Kerala.

Yes. In the year 1992, Project Elephant was launched with an objective to protect elephants, their habitat & corridors, to minimize issues of man-animal conflict and to provide welfare of captive elephants. Currently, there are 88 corridors where there is a connect between humans and elephants where most conflict happens. There are attempts to minimize the same

In India, there are around 32 elephant reserves across 16 states of India