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Sudarshan Crafts Museum is in Puri is a must-visit spot for art lovers.

Founded by Sri Sudarshan Sahoo, the museum offers a peek into the evolution of modern craftsmanship, specifically traditional sculptures, over the years. It’s a small but charming place to spend a few hours and appreciate the beauty of handcrafted artwork.

But be warned, art lovers – this isn’t your typical air-conditioned museum experience. When I visited in 2018, the sale center was scorching hot. But fear not, the small shop within the compound offers a variety of unique artifacts at reasonable prices, and you can witness talented artists at work creating stunning pieces made from materials like wood, stone, and brass.

So if you’re up for a little adventure and some art appreciation, come check out the Sudarshan Crafts Museum. It may not be a traditional museum, but it’s definitely worth the trip. Plus, you might just end up taking home a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your collection (or to gift to that special someone who loves a good conversation starter).

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