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If you’re an art lover and in Bangalore, then you cannot miss Sublime Galleria, which is India’s first sky gallery. It’s not just any other gallery, but it’s perched on the bridge connecting two tall towers in UB City, and that makes it unique and magnificent.

Sublime Galleria was founded in 2009 by Ms. Uzma Irfan.T he gallery promotes the culture of fine as well as performing arts and serves as a platform to support renowned artists, new age artists, and upcoming artists.

The gallery organizes year-round art exhibitions that feature delightful artworks based on a common theme by individual as well as group artists. These exhibitions are attended by buyers and those nurturing a fine taste in art from all around the world. As they have collaborations with art galleries from around the world, it is one mutually benefiting concept for artists along with the admirers of arts. Providing artists with acknowledgement and success and buyers with priceless artworks and enthralling experiences.

Sublime Galleria also organizes special exhibitions and workshops for adult children, corporate art therapy, art sessions on a regular basis to encourage and stimulate positive thinking, healthy cognition stress management, and mentorship programs. They arrange a range of workshops and talks focusing on art, music, and theater to bring out the potential of aspiring individuals. They even have launched authors, poets, and musicians.

But that’s not all; Sublime Galleria focuses on art for a cause and offers Art Bengaluru, India’s leading art festival every year. So far, nine editions of the festival have provided emerging and renowned artists from all over the world a platform to display their unique creativity.

Sublime Galleria is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day except Sunday, and it will take you around 1 to 2 hours to explore the gallery. The best part? You get to see some fantastic art while enjoying a stunning view from the bridge connecting the towers. Trust us; it’s worth it!

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