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Welcome to the stunning Harihar fort, also known as Harshagad, located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. It’s an important fort on the Trimbak range that was built to overlook the trade route through Gonda Ghat. But let’s be honest, the main reason visitors flock here are for the peculiar rock-cut steps that make for the perfect Instagram snap!

If you’re a novice trekker, don’t worry, this is the perfect place to start. Plus, there’s plenty to see and do on the way up. Keep your eyes watchful, and you might even spot a leopard or two! And if that’s not exciting enough, there’s a waterfall, museum, and statues of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, and Nandi to check out too.

As you make your way up, the fort appears rectangular in shape from the base village. The fort’s history dates back to the Pankaj panchariya period and was surrendered to Khan Zamam in 1636. Fast forward to 1818, and Captain Briggs captured the fort along with 17 others.

As you climb up the fort, you’ll come across a rock-sheet with steps carved in it. There are also many grooves to provide additional support. Keep climbing, and you’ll reach the entrance door and cavern ahead of it. There are more steps to climb after a short distance, leading you to the main entrance door of the fort. The fort has a tapering plateau with a raised level in the middle. There’s even a secret door located at the edge of the fort, but unfortunately, it’s currently blocked.

To reach the fort, you have to hike up the steep incline steps. But beware, the trek can last for about an hour, so plan your time accordingly. The fort offers a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding valley and the Sahyadri mountain range. But be sure to avoid visiting on weekends as it can get pretty crowded. And if you’re planning a winter trip, make sure to bring your winter gear as the rain can cover the entire Sahyadri range.

So pack your bags, and get ready for an adventure-filled trip to Harihar fort. Trust us; it’s worth the trek!

Popularity Rating

Parking Difficulty : High
Walking Needed : For 100 meters
Time Needed : 2-3 Hours
Open Timings : 9.00 AM to 3:00 PM
Still Photography : Allowed
Video Photography : Allowed
Cooler Climate for most part of the year.
Carry Umbrella
Wear Comfortable Shoes
Wear Cotton Dress with pullovers
Carry Binoculars
Nearest Railway Station : Kodai Road Railway Station
Nearest Airport : Madurai Airport
Nearest National Highway : NH32
Nearest Landmark : Kodai Market


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