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Chandwad Fort is located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra.

Did you know that the Surat-Nashik and Surat-Aurangabad trade routes passed through Chandwad village? And the Delhi-Nashik route, important for political and military movement, also passed through here! That’s why the fort has been important from ancient times until the Peshwa period.

But wait, there’s more! The stone-carved stairway leading from the loft of Chandwad Fort was destroyed during the British rule. So climbing techniques and materials have to be used to reach the fort. But hey, who needs a stairway when you can use your ninja skills to climb up? Just be sure to watch your step!

When you finally make it to the top, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views and historical temples like Rangamhal and the lake on the terrace, Taksaal. And don’t forget to visit the Renukamata temple and Chandrashwar temple too!

Legend has it that Rishi Parashurama separated his mother’s head from her body, and her head landed in Chandwad while the body fell near Mahur. That’s why this place is also known as the “Chandal city.” Oh, and did we mention that Agasti Muni roasted four rods and went to the village to ask for ghee to spread on them, but no one gave him any? So he named this city Chandal, and the name got corrupted to Chandwad.

It’s not known who built Chandwad Fort and when it was built, but it’s mentioned in the Chalukya king Chandraditya alias Nagvardhan copper plate found in Nandgaon dating back to AD 650. The fort has seen many battles, from Shahistekhan and Alivardi Khana to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Dawood Khan Qureshi, to Maratha rulers like Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj and Bajirao I. And don’t forget Nanasaheb Peshwa, who handed over the fort to Malharao Holkar. The fort even had its own mint, where silver coins were minted until the 1800s.

Chandwad Fort is located near the Mumbai-Agra highway, and on the highway, 6 km before Chandwad village, there is a road leading to Chandrashwar Temple on the right.

Popularity Rating

Parking Difficulty : High
Walking Needed : For 100 meters
Time Needed : 2-3 Hours
Open Timings : 9.00 AM to 3:00 PM
Still Photography : Allowed
Video Photography : Allowed
Cooler Climate for most part of the year.
Carry Umbrella
Wear Comfortable Shoes
Wear Cotton Dress with pullovers
Carry Binoculars
Nearest Railway Station : Kodai Road Railway Station
Nearest Airport : Madurai Airport
Nearest National Highway : NH32
Nearest Landmark : Kodai Market


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