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If you’re looking for a peaceful and serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, look no further than the coastal village of Bordi in Dahanu, Palghar district.

This charming destination is a true gem on the Maharashtra coast, known for its tranquil beach and flourishing Chikoo farms.

Not only is Bordi famous for its juicy and delicious Chikoos, it’s also home to the annual Chikoo Festival. This festival is a true celebration of the Chikoo fruit and its significance in the local community, with stalls set up by locals offering everything from Chikoo barfi to chocolate and cheese cake, all made with the famous fruit.

But Bordi is not just about the Chikoos, it also boasts a stunning beach that stretches for miles, making it the perfect place for a long walk along the shore. The blackish sand may look a bit intimidating, but it’s surprisingly firm and clean, and the gentle breeze makes it a comfortable spot even on warm summer days.

For those seeking a bit of adventure, there’s also a camel ride available on the beach, as well as water bikes for rent. But if you’re just looking to relax and unwind, this beach is perfect for you too. It’s generally less crowded and doesn’t have the usual tourist activities or eateries, making it an ideal spot for a peaceful escape.

And don’t miss a visit to the magnificent temple at Mecca of the Zoroastrians, where a sacred fire has been burning for nearly a thousand years. This unique blend of Persian and Iranian culture adds an exotic touch to your Bordi experience.

While the water flow may not always make the beach suitable for swimming, it’s still a perfect place to spend some peaceful time, take in the stunning scenery, and indulge in the famous Chikoo offerings. So pack your bags and head to Bordi, the Chikoo paradise waiting to be discovered.

Popularity Rating

Parking Difficulty : High
Walking Needed : For 100 meters
Time Needed : 2-3 Hours
Open Timings : 9.00 AM to 3:00 PM
Still Photography : Allowed
Video Photography : Allowed
Cooler Climate for most part of the year.
Carry Umbrella
Wear Comfortable Shoes
Wear Cotton Dress with pullovers
Carry Binoculars
Nearest Railway Station : Kodai Road Railway Station
Nearest Airport : Madurai Airport
Nearest National Highway : NH32
Nearest Landmark : Kodai Market

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