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Welcome to Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium, the underwater paradise filled with rare and vibrant aquatic species! Located just a couple of kilometers from Kovalam, this place is a must-visit for sea lovers and adventure seekers alike.

The aquarium, also known as Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium, is situated in one of the busiest fishing harbours. Don’t let the lack of maintenance deter you, as the variety of sea water fishes will more than make up for it. And the main attraction? Two massive turtles in a big tank, possibly undergoing rehab to come back to their turtle-ly awesome selves!

The ticket prices are quite cheap, but beware, there’s no parking space available. So be ready to park your vehicle on the road, which is thankfully, almost empty. But wait, there’s more! The aquarium is famous for its Image Pearl Production, which implants a mould into a pearl oyster, resulting in a beautiful new pearl in the shape of the mould. It’s like a mini miracle happening right before your eyes!

The Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium was established back in 1997 and is now managed and administered by the Central Marine Fisheries Institute. Here, you’ll find a variety of exotic species, such as angelfish, clownfish, seahorses, box fish, cow fish, eels, and wrasses. And the cherry on top? A reef tank filled with a kaleidoscope of corals, adding an extra layer of beauty to an already enchanting destination.

So come and explore the mysteries of the marine life, get up close and personal with the creatures of the sea, and witness the amazing Image Pearl Technique. The Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium is open every day from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs, and the entry fee is Rs. 20 for adults and Rs. 10 for children aged between 4-14 years old.

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