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Vijay Stambh is in Chittorgarh in Rajasthan.

This towering structure was built by the legendary king of Mewar, Rana Kumbha, between 1458 and 1488 AD to celebrate his victory over Mahmud Khilji and his combined forces from Malwa and Gujarat.

But let me tell you, this tower is not just a symbol of victory, it’s a celebration of art and architecture. The tower is made of a combination of red sandstone and marble and stands tall at 37.19 meters high with nine stories and 157 steps to reach the top. And guess what? Each of those nine stories has its own balcony facing outwards, making it the perfect spot to catch a stunning view of the entire city.

But it’s not just the stunning view that makes the Vijay Stambh so unique. It’s also a testament to the religious pluralism practiced by the Rajputs. The tower features intricate carvings and sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses, as well as an image of the Jain goddess Padmavati in the highest story. And get this, the word “Allah” is even carved nine times on the third story and eight times on the eighth story in Arabic!

And that’s not all, folks! The Vijay Stambh also has inscribed slabs in the uppermost story, which contain a brief genealogy of the rulers of Chittaur and their brave deeds. Talk about a history lesson with a view!

So, if you’re ever in Chittorgarh, make sure to visit the Vijay Stambh. And if you really want to make the most of it, go at night when the tower is illuminated with lights for a truly mesmerizing experience. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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