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Are you planning to visit Deoghar’s tourist hotspots? Then, you simply can’t miss Tapovan Hills and Caves, located a mere 10 km away from the Taponath Mahadev Temple, home to Lord Shiva.

But be warned, watch out for mischievous monkeys! They might steal your belongings if you aren’t careful.

At Tapovan Hills, you’ll find the Taponath Mahadev Temple perched atop a hill, a popular spot for both locals and pilgrims. But that’s not all; below the hill lies the Sukta Kund, a little water body believed to have been frequented by Goddess Sita for her baths.

The caves of Tapovan are also a must-visit. It is said that revered saints and ascetics, such as Maharishi Valmiki and Sri Balananda Brahmachari, performed penance there. You can even see the preserved skulls of the tigers that once protected Balananda Brahmachari.

And if you’re up for some entertainment, listen to this: legend has it that Lord Hanuman stopped Ravana’s penance by breaking a boulder with his tail, preventing Ravana from achieving enlightenment. There’s even a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman down the hill!

But before you head out, make sure you wear comfy shoes, especially since the slopes have many uneven surfaces. And parents, keep an extra eye on your little ones!

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