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Located at a dizzying height of 10,000 feet in the Tabo Village of Spiti Valley, the Tabo Monastery is the oldest continuously functioning monastery in India and the Himalayas. Not only is it steeped in history, but it’s also known as the ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’ because of the fascinating murals and ancient paintings that adorn its walls.

First off, let’s talk about the location. Unlike other monasteries that are perched atop hills, Tabo Monastery is nestled at the bottom of the valley, making it an ideal spot for some breathtaking views.

If you plan on visiting, make sure you stay at the monastery guest house for a night to get the full experience. And don’t forget to carry some heavy woolens with you because temperatures remain low throughout the year. Oh, and definitely try the local Tabo dishes! The monks offer butter tea with Tibetan bread, which is a specialty there and is a must-try.

Just remember to carry a torch with you because the monastery doesn’t use electricity throughout, and it’s always best to ask a monk to accompany you when you explore the premises because they’re very well versed in the history of the region.

One can also explore some caves that give a panoramic view of Tabo and take you back to ancient times.

Finally, one can tie up some prayers flags as a mark of respect

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