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Sarbamangala Temple is in Bardhaman of West Bengal.

Did you know that Sarbamangala is actually Goddess Durga in a different form? And get this: the statue of the goddess and the surrounding temple were built a few decades apart.

The idol of Mata Sarbamangala is over 2500 years old and has eighteen hands, bestowed on a lion named Mahisha Mardini. And you won’t find another temple like it – it’s the first NABARATNA Temple in undivided Bengal. The temple’s structure is a unique blend of art and architecture, featuring the Terracotta style and popular architecture of the then Bengal. Historians have even praised the temple’s historical importance and archaic value.

But here’s the real kicker – during the attack of KALAPAHAR, the priests of the deity were forced to move it from its original location to a pond to save it from destruction. Lime manufacturers later found the deity, along with lime ingredients, and when they burned everything, all the snails, oysters, and cockle burned to white ashes, but the stone was as it was.

Since then, the Sarbamangala Temple has become a holy place and a tourist spot in Burdwan District. Hundreds of devotees visit daily to take the blessing of Mata Sarbamangala, and during festivals, the number of devotees runs into the lakhs. The government of India has even recognized the temple’s historical and archaeological importance, designating it as a place of public worship. So come visit and make a wish – maybe it will come true!

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