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Guwahati Science Museum, is where science and fun go hand in hand!

Located in Jawaharnagar Khanapara, on the outskirts of Guwahati, this place is a hub for those who love to explore the mysteries of science and technology. You might know it as the Regional Science Centre, but we locals call it the Science Museum because, well, that’s just easier.

The museum has been around since 1994, and it’s one of the 27 centres maintained and administered by the Government of India’s National Council of Science Museums. Inside, you’ll find all sorts of cool stuff, from rare instruments and machinery to interactive displays that will blow your mind. There are exhibits for everyone, from kids to adults, showcasing everything from prehistoric times to modern-day science.

But it’s not all serious stuff here at the Science Museum. They’ve got a dynamic science park, a mock prehistoric park, and even a butterfly park where you can learn all about the lifecycle of these little critters. And if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the 3D animation theatre or the digital planetarium, where you’ll feel like you’re flying through space.

But the real showstopper here is the stereoscopic digital 3D cinema projection facility. You’ll be wearing your 3D glasses, and the polarizer will trick your eyes into believing that the picture before you is live. And trust us, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. It’s like a rollercoaster ride for your senses!

If that’s not enough to get you excited, they’ve got some amazing shows and workshops. There’s the Magic and Miracle Show, where they educate you about the wonders of science and how it makes seemingly magical things possible. And the Super Cold Show, where they experiment with different elements in super cold conditions using liquid nitrogen, will blow your mind.

But that’s not all! You can also participate in Sky Observation Programmes and witness celestial bodies and faraway stars with the help of a 6” Refractive Telescope. And if you’re into movies, check out the special TV show, where they teach you about film-making and the different phenomena involved in developing an image.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to the Guwahati Science Museum and let your inner nerd run wild. Who knew science could be so much fun?

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