Mahakali Caves, or the Kondivite Caves are believed to be constructed between the 1st and 6th centuries, making them over 2000 years old!

The Mahakali Caves are made out of some seriously strong basalt rock and are divided into two groups with a total of 19 caves. The first group, consisting of 15 caves, is located in the south-east direction, while the second group has only four caves, and is located in the north-west direction.

The caves are a perfect example of Indian rock-cut architecture and contain stone figures of Buddha, stupas, and even engraved figures of Buddha on the walls. They even have scriptures in the language Pali, which is older than Sanskrit! You can really feel the ancient vibe as you walk through the caves, taking in all the intricate details.

The first group of caves was carved out earlier than the second group and has dwelling places, verandahs, courtyards, a chapel, and even a few shrines. Meanwhile, the second group has a dining place! Looks like the ancient people really knew how to live it up!

Cave number 9 is the largest cave out of all the fifteen and is a Chaitya, or a prayer hall. It contains seven figures of Lord Buddha as well as several depictions from Buddhist mythology. Unfortunately, the figures are now mutilated, but hey, the silhouettes still look pretty cool!

The Mahakali Caves are located in the western part of Mumbai in Andheri and are a must-visit for anyone who wants to see a fairytale come to life.

Plus, it’s a great place to learn about the lives of ancient people who knew how to live in style! Just make sure to bring some cash, as there is an entry fee. And if you get hungry, there are small shops outside the entrance to satisfy your cravings. So come down and let’s explore some ancient caves!

Popularity Rating

Parking Difficulty : High
Walking Needed : For 100 meters
Time Needed : 2-3 Hours
Open Timings : 9.00 AM to 3:00 PM
Still Photography : Allowed
Video Photography : Allowed
Cooler Climate for most part of the year.
Carry Umbrella
Wear Comfortable Shoes
Wear Cotton Dress with pullovers
Carry Binoculars
Nearest Railway Station : Kodai Road Railway Station
Nearest Airport : Madurai Airport
Nearest National Highway : NH32
Nearest Landmark : Kodai Market

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