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Koodalmanikyam Temple is an architectural marvel that will leave you in awe.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by lush green trees on one side and beautiful temple ponds on the other. The only downside is that you might mistake the temple ponds for the Amazon river!

The Koodalmanikyam Temple is dedicated to Lord Bharatha, who was the brother of Sree Rama. There’s only one deity here known as Dhanwanthara Moorthy or Lord Bharatha. According to legends, Dhanwnatari can cure even the most dangerous diseases of his faithful devotees. So, if you’re feeling under the weather, this is the place to be!

But wait, there’s more! The Brinhal Nivedyam is provided to the devotees after every prayer since it is believed to be very useful to cure stomach aches. So, if you’re feeling hungry and have a stomach ache, this is the perfect solution.

Now, let’s talk about the temple’s history. Legend has it that the idol was found radiating an unusually bright light from its forehead. Some people brought Quartz which was possessed by the Raja of Kayakulam to compare and find out the source of the light. While the comparison of the two was going on, it is believed that the stone fell from the hand mysteriously and merged with the stone present on the idol. After the two stones got merged, it got the name Koodalmanikyam.

But the real magic happens during the festivals! The Kudalmanikyam Arattu Festival is a must-see event that takes place for 11 days in the Malayalam month of Edavam, i.e. from April to May. You’ll witness music, orchestra, color, and fine arts that you cannot see anywhere else in Kerala. And if that’s not enough, there’s also the Thriputhari festival in the month of Thulam, i.e. October to November. During this event, newly harvested rice is cooked and first offered to the deity as an offering and then to the devotees. A special offering known as Mukkudi, which is an Ayurvedic mixture and a divine medicine to cure all diseases, takes place the next day.

All in all, the Koodalmanikyam Temple is an ancient wonder that is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to experience the magic of Kerala. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a culture vulture, this place has something for everyone. Just make sure you visit during the festivals, or you’ll be missing out on all the fun!

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