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Have you ever wondered what it takes to survive in the bone-chilling mountainous conditions?

Well, look no further than the Kanchenjunga Museum in Gulmarg! This museum showcases a modest exhibit of modern warfare and mountaineering equipment and gear used by the Indian Army in their conquest of the mountains.

Initially developed as a High-Altitude Warfare School, the museum was established to commemorate the Indian Army’s first summit to Kanchenjunga back in 1997. But that’s not all – the museum also pays homage to other successful expeditions like the first-ever successful Everest expedition in 2001. This museum is a true testament to the bravery of our soldiers, and you can witness their feats firsthand through the equipment and gear on display.

So, what can you expect to see at the Kanchenjunga Museum? Well, everything from mountain gear like ropes and grappling tools to newer equipment used by soldiers in mountain climbing. And the best part? Each display comes with a wooden plaque providing detailed information about the equipment’s usage and function.

But the Kanchenjunga Museum isn’t the only attraction in Gulmarg! Make sure to check out the Ningli Nallah, a nearby stream whose origin is Apharwat peak. This grassy valley is a popular picnic spot, and you can watch the stream melt into the Jhelum River below.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, take the Outer Circle Walk, an 11 km long trek around the Valley of Kashmir. During the trek, you’ll cross rows of pine trees, beautiful landscapes, and lush green grasslands. And the view of the world’s fourth-highest peak, the Nanga Parbat, at an elevation of 8500 meters, is a sight to cheer!

You can also catch glimpses of the Sunset Peak and Haramukh, two popular tourist spots, during the walk.

So, there you have it – the Kanchenjunga Museum and other attractions in Gulmarg are waiting for you! Just remember to call ahead to make sure the museum isn’t closed on national holidays and festivals. Happy travels!

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