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Kanak Bhawan temple is in Tulsi Nagar in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

This temple is a historical gem that was constructed in 1891 and is also known as Sone-ka-Ghar or Golden Palace. The name comes from the three golden-crowned idols of the deities under a silver roof in the sanctum santorum. It is said that this shrine was a wedding present to Sita from Rama’s stepmother, Kaikeyi, in Treta Yuga.

Over the years, the temple has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The first reconstruction was done by Rama’s son Kush in Dwapara Yuga. Shri Krishna is also believed to have visited this ancient place before Kali Yuga. The present structure was built by Maharaja Shri Pratap Singh Ju Dev and Maharani Vrishbhan Kunwari in 1891.

The temple’s architecture is similar to the beautiful palaces of Rajasthan and Bundelkhand. The temple is designed like a huge palace, which is fitting for the holy deities it houses.

There are three pairs of idols in the temple, and all three are of Lord Rama and Sita. The biggest idol was installed by Maharani Vrishabhan Kunwari, who is said to have been the driving force behind the temple’s construction. To the right of this pair of idols, a smaller idol is installed, which was kept safe by King Vikramaditya from the ancient temple when it was attacked. The third and smallest pair of idols was presented by Lord Krishna to a female sannyasini who was worshiping Lord Rama at this place.

Legend has it that Sri Krishna instructed the woman to take these idols along with her for samadhi, as it would later be marked as a holy place. Then, in Kaliyuga, a great king would get a huge temple constructed at this place. Later, when Maharaj Vikramaditya got the foundation excavated for the construction of this temple, he found these ancient idols. These idols helped the great king to select the right place for the sanctum sanctorum to be installed in the huge temple he had built.

So, if you’re in Tulsi Nagar, don’t miss the chance to visit the Kanak Bhawan temple. You’ll be amazed by the temple’s rich history and stunning architecture. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of Lord Rama and Sita’s beautiful golden idols!

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