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Digamber Jain Mandir Sanghiji is a Jain temple situated just 16 kilometers away from Jaipur in the town of Sanganer.

Built of red sandstone and following the Nagara architectural style, this temple enshrines Adinath – the first Jain tirthankara – in its central shrine. And the inner walls of the shrine are covered in carvings of lotuses, creepers, and elephants pouring water from pitchers held in their trunks.

In the underground portion of the temple, there’s a small ancient temple guarded by yakshas – nature spirits. This sacred temple has seven underground floors which are kept closed due to religious beliefs, and visitors aren’t allowed to see them. Legend has it that only a Balyati ascetic Digambara saint can enter it and bring out the idols of this underground temple for a limited period.

And let’s not forget the highly decorated arched entrance, double storey gateway, and sky-high shikharas. The larger shrine was built using marble and sandstone in the 10th century, and the smaller shrine is rich with ornate carvings comparable to the Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu.

And get this – in 1999, Muni Sudhasagar visited the temple and brought thirty-nine valuable Jain idols. He claimed that he brought the idols from the fourth underground floor and encountered many yakshas (in the form of snakes) protecting the treasure.

So, if you’re ever in Sanganer, make sure to visit the Sanghiji Jain temple. It’s a beautiful temple with an amazing vibe, and it’s at a walking distance from the Sanganer bus stand. Just remember that it’s closed every Tuesday afternoon for cleaning, so plan accordingly!

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