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Barot Valleya is a paradise tucked away in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh.

The landscapes are stunning, the environment is pollution-free, and the Uhl river flowing by creates the perfect backdrop for a serene getaway.

Barot is a relatively new tourist destination, which means it’s still quite secluded. It’s famous for trekking, camping, and trout fishing. So, if you’re an angler or just love the idea of catching your own dinner, then you’ll fit right in. Barot valley is also the gateway to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot black bears, ghorals, and monals.

The forests around Barot are mostly Deodar and Oak, which is home to a variety of flora and fauna. You can take a leisurely stroll through the woods nearby and soak in the beauty of the village. And if you’re up for a bit of edutainment, then you should check out the Shanan Hydel Project. The powerhouse located here has colonial architecture, and you can learn about how the power system works.

Trout pakoras and tawa fried fish are a must-try in Barot, as this place is famous for its trout fishing. And if you’re a foodie, then you’ll love the fresh fish served in many small hotels and home-stays around the village. There are multiple trekking trails in and around Barot, with the Barot Himri Trek being one of the most famous. During winters, many people visit Barot for snow trekking.

And if you’re in the mood for some sightseeing, you can explore the valley towards Rajgundha or take a short drive towards Lohardi village, Lapas waterfalls etc.,

Barot is a true gem, hidden away from the crowds. It’s peaceful, clean, and full of raw nature. You can soak yourself in shallow waters by the riverside or watch farmers grow cabbage, corn, and cauliflower.

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