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Looking to visit a place with never-ending greenery and scenic beauty? Look no further than Wenlock Downs in Ooty! This lush green expanse of grassy knolls, eucalyptus trees, and verdant meadows stretching for miles on end is a sight to behold. It’s so picturesque that you might mistake it for the ‘Realm of Rohan’ from Lord of the Rings. If only the producers had known about this place, they could’ve saved a bundle on shooting locations!

While Wenlock Downs was once used for the Udagamandalam Hunt, it’s now home to the Gymkhana Club of Ooty, the Government Sheep Farm, and the Hindustan Photo Films Company. But don’t worry, all these additions haven’t taken away from the serenity and peace you can find here. Take a long peaceful walk and contemplate life and the higher entities of nature. The sheep grazing and the endless stretches of grass are sure to give you a lift if you’re feeling troubled.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, this place is a wonderful hangout spot for you. And even if you’re not, it’s still an experience of a lifetime for those who enjoy long walks and want to escape into nature.

Wenlock Downs is located 17 km from Ooty on the way to Pykara Falls, with Pony rides also available. On the way there lies the Ninth Mile, another picnic spot. It’s a short but steep walk through a cluster of pine trees down from the main road, but it’s worth it. There’s a small lake below that’s perfect for a refreshing dip.

Wenlock Downs is often compared to places in Europe that feature high altitude grasslands dipped in exquisiteness. And it’s no wonder why! This vast expanse of undulating landscape stretches along 80 kms and 20,000 acres, dotted with rows of high rising eucalyptus trees adding a scented demure green to the already verdant Greenland. At one time, this extensive grassland was used as a hunting ground by the British and Europeans who tremendously enjoyed this sport.

Today, Wenlock Downs is home to the Gymkhana Club, the Hindustan Photo Films Company, and a Government Sheep Farm. The sheep are raised and bred here due to the unadulterated pasturelands that are perfect for maintaining their health. And while Wenlock Downs might not be a ‘must-see’ place compared to other surrounding areas, it’s certainly a totally different type of terrain from the Ghats that you see in Ooty.

So come and drink in the beauty and the mist at Wenlock Downs. Who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of a famous Bollywood movie being filmed here.

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