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Tsuk La Khang Monastery is a Royal Palace complex, and a palatial monastery, where the former royal family of Sikkim held their marriages and coronations.

The place is also a prime place of worship for the local Buddhists residing in the region. And with its beautiful two-story structure, mural-covered interiors, and extensive collection of scriptures, you’ll be blown away by the tranquility and spirituality of this place.

Oh, and did we mention the wooden sculptures crafted in the form of a Snow Lion’s head that you’ll find on every corner? They’re definitely a sight to see!

The monastery hosts several festivals throughout the year, including Phang Lhabsol and Losoong, where you can witness the famous mask dance, Chaam, performed by the monks. And during the New Year celebrations, you’ll get to witness the Black Hat Dance, which showcases the victory of good forces over the evil ones.

But here’s the catch: Tsuk La Khang Monastery is actually not a sightseeing point per se. It’s the chapel for the Royal family of Sikkim, so please maintain the sanctity of the palace area, follow the simple rules put down for any monastery, and be kind to each other.

If you’re planning a visit, February is the ideal time as the dance festival takes place during this time of the year. The climate also remains pleasant from October to March, so plan accordingly. And when you’re ready to visit, just head 3 km from the Gangtok SNT Bus Station, hire a cab or hop on a bus going in the direction of Tsuk La Khang, and get ready to feel like royalty for the day.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the spiritual and serene environment, along with the incredible natural beauty surrounding Tsuk La Khang Monastery. Trust us, it’s a must-visit place in Gangtok!

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