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Cheluvanarayana Swamy or Thirunaryana Temple, is located in the charming town of Melukote.

If you’re traveling to Mysore or Mandya, make sure you add Melukote to your itinerary, and not just for the temple but also for the fantastic views and historic significance of the area.

The town gets its name from its location on top of a rocky hill, which means ‘Melu’ is top and ‘Kote’ is a fort in Kannada. So get ready to climb your way to the top for an adventure that will take your breath away.

The temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, was installed by Lord Krishna himself, making it an ancient and historically significant site. The temple’s architecture is awe-inspiring, with its impressive Sanskrit library, step-well pond, and two major temples that will leave you in awe. Plus, it’s under the patronage of the Mysore Royal family, the Wodeyars, making it an important center for Vaishnava.

Did you know that the great Vaishnava saint, Sri Ramanujacharya, lived here for 14 years during the 12th century? He consecrated the temple and laid down detailed processes for poojas. It’s no wonder this temple attracts pilgrims from all over Karnataka and neighboring states.

One of the must-see attractions in the temple is the Selva Pillai Sampath Kumaran’s Vaira Mudi Utsavam in Panguni, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Accoridng to legends, this temple dates back to the Kretha Yugam, Here, Brahma’s sons, Sanatkumaras, brought their father’s pooja idol, ‘Lord Narayana,’ and installed it at Melkote.

So come and visit Melukote, and experience the spiritual and historic significance of the Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple, along with the breathtaking views of the town. You won’t regret it!

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