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Sissu Falls is on the Leh-Manali route near the Atal Tunnel in Himachal Pradesh.

If you are in love with nature, Sissu Waterfalls is a must visit.

Sissu Waterfalls, also known as Khagling, located in the Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Just 90 km away from Manali and 25 km from Gramphu, this stunning waterfall is surrounded by lush greener.

This is not just about the waterfall, it’s about the whole experience. From the moment you drive through the Leh-Manali Highway and catch a glimpse of this beauty, you’ll be in awe of the natural splendor. The peaceful environment, combined with the sound of the cascading water, will refresh your mind and soul.

Did you know that Sissu is also home to the famous Geypan Temple? This temple is dedicated to Lord Geypan who is known for his love and protection of the valley people. So, while you’re there, make sure to pay a visit and immerse yourself in the traditional Himachali culture.

This charming village serves as the base for the three famous regions of the Himalayas – Lahaul, Spiti, and Ladakh. With its pleasant weather, surrounding glaciers, and dense willow and poplar plantations on either side of the road, Sissu is the perfect place for a road trip in Himachal. And with the Atal Tunnel being so close by, thousands of tourists visit this place every year.

From hiking, trekking, camping, day trips, and stargazing, there’s no shortage of things to do in Sissu. So, pack your bags and head to this hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh for a journey you’ll never forget!

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