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Shri Ram Tirth Temple in Amritsar is steeped in epic history of Ramayana.

According to legends, it’s the birthplace of Luva and Kusha, the twins of Rama and Sita, and where Valmiki composed the epic Ramayana. You can practically feel the magic in the air!

This is also the place, where, when Lord Rama abandoned Sita, she found refuge at this place. And if that wasn’t enough, the battle between Rama’s forces and Luv-Kush went down here too. Talk about some intense history, right?

The temple throws a five-day fair, post-Diwali, that’s got rides, magic shows, and acrobats, and even a tradition called Tulla Torana where you release lamps made of kneaded flour and ghee into the water on Purnamashi night to wash away your sins.

And get this, there’s even a belief that your pilgrimage isn’t complete until you donate to charity. So not only will you be having a blast, but you’ll also be doing some good for the world. Win-win!

Getting there is a breeze too. You can hop on a minibus outside the Amritsar railway station, or hire a taxi. Once you’re there, you’ll be greeted by acres of beautiful land and a sacred pond. And let’s not forget the Luv-Kush temple that’s currently being built!

So pack your bags, and head over to Shri Ram Tirth Temple for a dose of history, tradition, and a whole lot of fun!

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