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Shri Raghunath Ji Temple, is located on the shore of Nakki Lake in Mount Abu.

This 650-year-old temple is a pilgrimage site that attracts Vaishnavites and travelers who have a religious bent of mind. Shri Raghunath Ji is believed to be the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and has the power to save his followers from all the natural calamities.

Apart from its religious significance, the Raghunath Temple is also a treasure trove of architectural heritage. The exquisite wall inscriptions and delicate paintings and carvings on display are a testament to the fine craftsmanship of the Mewar region. The highlight of the temple is undoubtedly the beautifully carved idol of Shri Raghunath Ji, which is a sight to cheer.

Legend has it that the temple was built in honor of a beautiful princess who died young due to her unrequited love for Mount Abu’s ruling son. Another tale says that the temple was built by Shri Ramanand, a renowned Hindu scholar in the 14th century. Whether you believe these stories or not, there’s no denying the spiritual aura that surrounds this temple.

During our visit to Nakki Lake in Mount Abu, we were awed by the beauty and peaceful ambience of Shri Raghunath Ji Temple. The temple is built in white marble with stunning architecture, and the views of Nakki lake and the Aravalli hills from the backyard of the temple are simply breathtaking. We spent hours clicking pictures and admiring the murals of Jay, Vijay, Hanuman, Garud, and other deities on the front facade of the temple.

To the left of where we started to descend towards Nakki Lake, we also discovered two beautiful Jain temples dedicated to prophets of the Jain religion, as well as a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. The marble artistry of these temples is truly remarkable and a must-see.

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