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Are you ready to dive into the history of Odisha and explore one of the oldest temples in the state? Buckle up, folks, because we’re taking you to the Parasurameswara Temple!

Built during the 7th century AD by the Shailodbhava dynasty, this temple is a true masterpiece of Odisha Temple Architecture. And if you’re wondering what makes this temple so special, well, it happens to be the first temple with an entrance hall attached to the sanctum sanctorum. It’s like they knew that worshippers would need a little bit of space to stretch their legs after a long prayer.

But the coolest part? The presence of the asta grahas (eight planets) on the lintel of the entrance door, which is a testament to its antiquity. We can only imagine the excitement of the ancient architects as they carved these symbols into the stone.

And speaking of symbols, have you heard of the Saptamatrika? It’s a group of seven goddesses and one demoness who are believed to bestow powers on Goddess Shakti.

Now, let’s talk about the presiding deity of the temple, Lord Shiva, worshipped as Parasurameswar. It’s said that this was in accordance with the penance of Sage Parashuram and the grace of Lord Shiva. And if you’re lucky enough to visit during Parasumastami, the major festival of the temple, you’ll be treated to a visit from Chandrashekhara, the representative of Lord Lingaraja, and a feast.

And let’s not forget about the architecture of the temple, which embodies the charm of Nagara style. We’re talking about the vimana, bada, curvilinear spire over the roof, and sanctum. For history buffs and architecture aficionados, this temple is a must-visit.

So, when should you visit? We recommend coming between October and March to make the most of the weather. And if you’re looking to explore other nearby attractions, be sure to check out the Mukteshwar Temple and Lingaraj Temple.

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