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Pabbar Valley is a must-visit for all you nature lovers out there! The valley, situated just 80 km away from Shimla, is a paradise for those who want embrace the beauty of the great outdoors. From majestic mountains to lush green meadows, dense oak, and deodar forests, the valley is home to nature’s abundance.

Adventure seekers, gear up for some adrenaline-pumping action as the Pabbar Valley terrain offers some exciting trails perfect for exploration. The valley is not just a sightseeing spot but also a haven for nature and adventure lovers. Trekking, fishing, and angling are just a few of the activities that have picked up in recent years.

The Pabbar River, which cuts through the Chanshal Mountain Range, forms the valley and has crystal-clear waters that come from the glacial ice of the Chandan Nahan Glacier. The river is a famous spot for fishing and angling and is home to several species of fish like Trouts, Goonch, and Golden Mahseer. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a fishing experience in this paradise, would you?

The valley covers several places, each with its unique attraction, including mountain views, snow-clad mountain peaks, rich flora and fauna, ancient sculptures, lakes, and rivers. An outing through the valley by the banks of River Pabbar is a must-do activity. Remember to wear sturdy and comfortable shoes to enjoy a long nature walk through the vast expanse of appealing meadows that surround the river.

Now, let’s talk about the trekking trails! The Pabbar Valley houses several thrilling trails perfect for the intrepid adventurer. The trek from Kharagpur to Giri Ganga is a delightful experience with a properly marked track through the lovely surroundings, making the trek a little convenient. The Chandernahan Lake from Janglik is another famous trekking trail in the valley and is known for being clear and spotless. The lake is covered with snow all year round and draws several travellers for its natural beauty and religious significance.

But, the most exciting trek is the Dhaula-Rupin Pass trek. This lovely trail takes trekkers along the banks of River Rupin and an enchanting waterfall as they climb an altitude of 4600 metres to reach Rupin Pass. The trek from Gadsari Village to Saru Lake is also a hidden gem. Though not as well-known as the other treks, it can offer a delightful experience as people hike through a vast stretch of mesmerising meadows.

In conclusion, Pabbar Valley is best visited during the spring-summer season, i.e., between March and June. With the temperature ranging between a maximum of 24°C and a minimum of 18°C, the skies being clear, and the air being pleasantly cold all day, it’s a beautiful time to venture out and explore the enchanting landscape. So, pack your bags, wear your hiking shoes, and head over to Pabbar Valley! Don’t forget to catch some fish, and most importantly, have fun!

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