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Neermahal – is the biggest palace of its kind in the whole Indian subcontinent!

This architectural marvel is named after its prime location – in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake, where it reigns supreme over all the other buildings on the shore. It’s one of only two water palaces in the country, which just goes to show how unique and special it really is.

Back in the day, Neermahal was the summer palace of King Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur and his family. And even today, its highly ornate structure stands proud and showcases the glory of its past. But the fun doesn’t stop there, folks! The evenings at Neermahal are lit with a light and sound show that will make you feel like you’re in a Bollywood movie! Get ready to soak up some cultural heritage and maybe even learn a thing or two about the palace’s previous owners.

Neermahal is not just a pretty face, it’s also got some serious adventure game on. That’s right, the palace premises also include water sports activities, making it the perfect combination of antiquity and thrill! And if you’re feeling extra daring, why not check out the Neermahal Water Festival? It’s a huge event where boat races are organized by the board, and people from all over the place flock to witness the spectacle.

And let’s not forget about the surroundings, folks! The palace is surrounded by beautiful lawns and flower beds, adding an extra sparkle to its already glowing beauty. It’s enough to make you want to pack up your bags and move here permanently!

Now, let’s talk about the man behind the plan. Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur was one heck of a visionary ruler. He appointed the British company Martin and Burns in 1921 to build this massive palace for him, which took a staggering 9 years to complete! The king was all about blending the tribal community with modernity by building great infrastructure, and Neermahal stands as his most wonderful creation.

The palace itself is a beautiful blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture, with sandstone and marble extensively used in its construction. It’s so enchanting that it looks even more breathtaking at night when the lights are switched on and its reflection is made in the water. So, do not forget to add this place to your bucketlist!

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