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Naldehra is a charming hill station near Shimla.

It is where nature’s beauty and adventure awaits! Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayan Mountains and surrounded by lush green forests, Naldehra is a true gem of Himachal Pradesh.

This tiny town is also home to one of the finest golf courses in India, built by none other than Lord Curzan himself. You can’t miss a chance to swing your clubs in this breathtaking location.

But golfing isn’t the only thing to do here. Take a leisurely stroll through the cedar and deodar forests, or saddle up and explore the hills like the royalty of old on horseback. Naldehra is also dotted with sacred Hindu temples, adding to its spiritual charm. And if you’re up for a challenge, the Shaily Peak offers a thrilling trek and stunning views.

But don’t stop there! Take a short trip to the nearby villages of Mashobra and Chabba for a peaceful getaway or a thrilling river rafting adventure on the Sutlej River. And if you’re lucky enough to visit in June, don’t miss the Sipi Fair, a local festival that includes matchmaking and local handicrafts.

And while you’re here, don’t forget to indulge in the local staple food of rajma, dal, and roti. It’s delicious, we promise!

So come on, pack your bags and let’s explore the breathtaking panorama and marvelous golf course of Naldehra. And who knows, you might just find yourself face to face with the King of Snakes! (Just kidding, that’s just the literal translation of Naldehra’s name. We haven’t seen any snakes, we promise.)

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