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Are you ready to climb some stairs and explore an ancient temple? Well, hold onto your hats because we’re taking you on a journey to the Meghna Cave Temple in Arunachal Pradesh!

First things first, let’s talk about the climb. Yes, it’s a 10-minute climb up the stairs, but trust us, it’s totally worth it when you reach the 5000-year-old structure at 3000 feet above sea level.

Dedicated to Lord Lakulisha, who was the 28th embodiment of Lord Shiva, this temple is a must-visit attraction for any history buff or religious pilgrim. The carvings of Sanskrit scriptures are simply magnificent, and the architecture is truly great. But what really sets this temple apart is the spectacular surroundings around the cave. We’re talking stunning views of mountains, evergreen forests, and a swiftly flowing river. It’s like something out of a fairy tale!

And let’s not forget about the festival! If you’re lucky enough to visit during Maha Shivratri in February, you’ll get to experience a grand celebration like no other. We’re talking colorful decorations, lively music, and delicious food. It’s a true feast for the senses!

So, are you ready to pack your bags and head to Arunachal Pradesh? To get to Meghna Cave Temple, you’ll need to take a taxi from Itanagar to Ziro, and then a local transport to the temple base. And don’t forget to check out other nearby attractions like Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Kile Pakho, and Ziro Puto.

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