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If you’re looking for a royal experience in Rajasthan, look no further than Mandawa Haveli. This heritage hotel is situated in the heart of the Shekhawati region, which was once controlled by the legendary Rao Shekhaji. And let me tell you, this place has a story that’s as rich and flavorful as the local cuisine!

Legend has it that Shekha came to the throne of Barwada at the ripe old age of 12 (yes, 12!), ruling over a mere 24 villages. But with the help of some trusty Panni Pathans, he was able to conquer the forces of Amber and expand his territory to include the entire Jhunjhunu district. Eight generations later, his descendants divided the land into five equal parts, ensuring that they always had each other’s backs (awww, sibling love!).

One of these parts was ruled by Nawal Singh, who established his base in the town of Nawalgarh. But it was his grandsons Padam Singh and Gyan Singh who really put Mandawa on the map. These two tazimi chieftains built a capital here, and it wasn’t long before the town became a hub for traders from China and the Middle East.

To protect their newfound wealth, the local merchants built some seriously swanky havelis, or palatial mansions. And let me tell you, these havelis are worth seeing for their impressive frescoes alone. The walls are covered in colorful depictions of folktales, culture, history, and religious themes, with a dash of European influence thrown in for good measure.

But enough about history – let’s talk about the present. Mandawa Haveli is now run by Thakur Kesri Singh, Thakur Randhir Vikram Singh, and Thakur Pradumn Singh, all alumni of the prestigious Mayo College in Ajmer. These guys know a thing or two about luxury, and they’re committed to giving their guests the royal treatment.

So if you’re in the mood for a bit of history, culture, and luxury (with a side of sibling love), head to Mandawa Haveli in Shekhawati. And don’t forget to tell them sent you!

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