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Malinithan – a temple site in ruins located at the foot of the Siang hills in Arunachal/Assam border. But don’t let the word “ruins” fool you – this place is anything but boring!

Legend has it that Lord Krishna and Rukmini rested here on their way to Dwarka, where they were welcomed by Parvati with garlands made from her orchard. Krishna was so smitten with the scent of the flowers that he called Parvati “Malini,” meaning “mistress of the garden.” And thus, the site became known as Malinithan.

But there’s more to Malinithan than just a sweet love story. In fact, the site has been a cultural center of North-East India in the remote past. And during a series of excavations from 1968 to 1971, valuable sculptures and ruins of temples were unearthed, including a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga built on the classical tradition of Orissa.

You’ll be amazed at the beautifully designed and decorated basement of the temple, featuring divine images, icons of deities, animal motifs, floral designs, carved columns, and panels. And if you’re a fan of ancient sculptures, you won’t want to miss the granite sculptures of Indra on Airavat, Surya on Chariot, and a huge Nandi bull. There are even some erotic sculptures in various postures, hinting at the tantric fertility rites of the tribal people who once lived here.

But don’t let the history and culture of Malinithan fool you – there’s also plenty of fun to be had. You can enjoy trekking and hiking trails in the nearby Siang Hills, or simply marvel at the stunning views from the foot of the hills. And with its intriguing legends and rich history, Malinithan is the perfect place for archeological and historical lovers to explore.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Malinithan and discover the magic of this enchanting temple site – where even Lord Krishna himself couldn’t resist the sweet scent of a garden!

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