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Lotus Mahal is an iconic landmark in Hampi ruins.

Well, because this palace is one of the few places in Hampi that survived the Mughal invasions and the ravages of time, and also because it looks like a giant lotus flower! Yes, you read that right. The palace is shaped like a lotus bud, and it’s simply breathtaking to see.

But that’s not all – the Lotus Mahal is also known for its unique architecture, which is a blend of Islamic and Indian styles. The palace has a multi-layered roof design and beautiful carvings of sea creatures and birds on its walls and pillars. The balcony and passages are covered with a dome that looks like an opened lotus bud, and the central dome is carved as a lotus bud too. All of these features make the Lotus Mahal a sight to cheer.

If you’re wondering about the history of this palace, let me tell you that it was a part of the Zenana Enclosure, a place where the royal women of the Vijayanagara Empire resided. The Lotus Mahal was designed as a palace for these ladies to enjoy recreational activities and mingle around. It also served as a meeting point for the king and his ministers. The queen of Krishna Deva Raya used to spend most of her time seeking pleasure and peace in the palace. Several musical concerts and other recreation activities were also held at this place.

Now, let’s talk about some quick facts about the Lotus Mahal. The palace is open on all days of the week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and the entry fee is INR 10 for Indians and INR 250 for foreign tourists. Entry is free for children under 15 years, and photography is allowed without any extra charges. The best time to visit the Lotus Mahal is from November to February, and you can spend around two hours exploring this fascinating palace.

The surrounding area of the palace is covered with shady trees, which provide a cool ambiance to the palace. And if you visit the Lotus Mahal during the evening, you’ll witness a fantastic view when the palace is lit up. It’s also an excellent place to take photographs, and you’ll be amazed at how advanced Indian architecture and workers were ages back.

In conclusion, a visit to the Lotus Mahal is a must-do activity when you’re in Hampi.

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