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Keshi Ghat – the one and only remaining ghat in Vrindavan – is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna defeated Keshi, the horse demon sent by his uncle Kansa. Well, I guess Kansa didn’t know about his nephew’s prowess, right?

The queen of Bharatpur, Laxmi Devi, built this ghat in the 17th century, and the locals say that a visit to Vrindavan is incomplete without performing the ritual of pratham din poojan at Keshi Ghat each day.

But wait, there’s more! Keshi Ghat is surrounded by smaller ancient temples, and almost every one of them has a hint of traditional Rajasthani architectural style with elaborate ‘jaali’ work and typical lotus and floral designs. That’s quite the cultural fusion.

Legend has it that Krishna’s friend, Madhu Mangal, convinced him to give his Mor-Mukut (Peacock feather crown), Bansuri (flute), Peetvastra (yellow body covering) to him, thinking he would become more popular with the Gopis. Little did he know that Kansa had sent his most fearsome horse-demon to look for a boy in Krishna’s clothes and kill him immediately. However, with Lord Krishna, all ends well!

Keshi Ghat is the perfect spot to witness enchanting sunrises and sunsets.

You can also enjoy a boat ride from the bank to the centre of the river to witness the enchanting evening Aarti taking place along the ghat. However, try not to enter the river alone because the undercurrent can be intense at times. Safety first!

In conclusion, a visit to Keshi Ghat is a must if you’re ever in Vrindavan. Not only will you be amazed by the stunning Rajasthani architecture and mesmerizing sunsets, but you’ll also be thrilled by the stories and legends behind the ghat.

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