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Jaisamand Lake, the “Ocean of Victory” was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in the 17th century. And it is the second largest artificial lake in the country.

Spanning across an area of about 100, Jaisamand Lake is covering the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a variety of rare animals and migratory birds. And if that’s not enough, the summer palaces of Queens of Udaipur provide a beautiful backdrop for your photoshoots. This place is like paradise on earth for nature lovers!

But wait, there’s more! The lake has three islands, inhabited by the tribe of Bhil Minas, and offers boat rides, paddle boats, and even water sports equipment for the adventurous souls out there. And don’t miss out on the stunning views from the two grand palaces located on the top of nearby hillocks.

The marble dam of the lake is an architectural masterpiece, with six cenotaphs and a Shiva temple at the center. The temple and the Chattris add grace to the beauty of this lake. And did you know, the Maharaja distributed gold equal to his weight during the inaugural ceremony of the dam? Talk about a grand opening!

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you can’t skip the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, which has wild boar, panther, four-horned antelope, deer, mongoose, and various types of migratory birds. And if you’re feeling adventurous, the resort nearby offers a trek to explore the sanctuary’s flora and fauna.

Now, the entry fees for Indians are only INR 10/-, but foreigners have to pay INR 80/-. And if you’re carrying your camera, you’ll have to shell out INR 200/-. But trust us, it’s worth every penny!

And here’s a pro tip for you, the best time to visit is during sunset, and don’t forget to enquire beforehand if you plan to visit the palace located on the hilltop. It’s opened and closed occasionally by the forest department.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on a local bus, taxi, auto-rickshaw, or tonga, and head towards Jaisamand Lake, located just 50 km away from the central city of Udaipur. Trust us; it’ll be an experience worth cherishing!

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