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Haridwar, the city where River Ganga enters the Indo-Gangetic plains for the first time, is not just a spiritual center but also a fun-filled destination. It’s a place where you can wash away your sins and have a blast at the same time!

If you’re planning to visit Haridwar, here’s a suggested itinerary that’ll ensure you make the most of your trip:

Day 1: Start your day with a holy dip in River Ganga, which is believed to purify your soul. After that, indulge in some delicious Desi breakfast before heading to the Mansa Devi temple. The goddess here is famous for granting wishes, so don’t forget to make one! Visit the Maya Devi temple and Chandi Devi temple as well. In the evening, head to the Har ki Pauri Ghat, where you can witness the breathtaking Ganga aarti. You’ll be mesmerized by the thousands of diyas floating in the river.

Day 2: Begin your day with another holy dip in River Ganga before exploring the beautiful ashrams in Haridwar. The Shanti Kunj Ashram is built in a picturesque garden where many spiritual activities are organized. From there, head to Patanjali Yogpeeth for some yoga and stretching. The trips to ashrams can be life-changing for many as they help you find inner peace.

Day 3: It’s time to explore your adventurous side! Haridwar offers activities like trekking, bird watching, and even river rafting. The Rajaji National Park is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. You can also try your hand at bungee jumping or flying fox at Jumpin Heights. And if that’s not enough, take a trip to Rishikesh, which is just a few kilometers away. It’s known as the adventure capital of India.

Did you know that Haridwar is the “doorway for the gods”? Legend has it that a drop of Amrit, the potion for immortality, fell on the earth here, making it one of the holiest places in India. Even Emperor Akbar kept jars of the water from River Ganga and drank from it during his travels, hoping it would grant him immortality.

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