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Gomti River, believed to be the heavenly descent of River Ganges!

You’ll find the Gomti Ghat at the mouth of the river, requiring a climb of 56 stairs from the Dwarkadhish Temple. But don’t worry, it’s totally worth it! The serene ghat location is perfect for some Instagram-worthy photo ops, and you can also take ferries or boat rides here.

The Gomti River also makes for a pilgrimage destination, where devotees take a sacred dip to wash off their bad karma. And if you’re feeling parched after all that spiritual cleansing, there are hawkers selling refreshments like buttermilk to quench your thirst.

Legend has it that Lord Sri Krishna himself bathed in these waters multiple times, so performing sacred ceremonies and taking a dip here is believed to free one from sins committed in former lives. Plus, the Gomati River is surrounded by over 12 ghats, including the Samudra Narayana Temple, Gomatiji Temple, Panchanada, and Chakra Narayana Temples.

And for foodies out there, you’re in luck! You can find anything from chat stalls to milkshake stands and neighborhood tea cafes. The locals here know how to present their cuisine in spectacular ways that add to how engaging it is.

Lastly, don’t miss the boat trips that provide a breathtaking view of Gujarat’s coast and the skyline of the city of Dwarka. Who knew a holy dip could be so much fun?

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