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Gerukamukh, is an off-beat destination in Assam!

Located just 45 kms away from Dhemaji, this natural wonder is the perfect spot for a picnic with your loved ones. Surrounded by rolling hills and lush evergreen forests, Gerukamukh is where the mighty river Subansiri meets the Brahmaputra. And you know what they say, where two rivers meet, magic happens!

Apart from the scenic beauty, Gerukamukh is also famous for angling. So, if you’re someone who likes to reel in a big catch, this is the place to be. Gerukamukh is also home to the Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Power Project, which is currently under construction. Once completed, it will be the largest hydroelectric power project in India, generating electricity for Assam and other states.

Gerukamukh is a photographer’s paradise, with its picturesque surroundings and breathtaking views. And if you’re not into photography, you can still enjoy a leisurely nature walk or just sit back and soak in the beauty of the place. And for the religiously inclined, there are temples nearby like the Maa Manipuri Than and Malini Thal.

Getting to Gerukamukh is easy, as Dhemaji is well connected by roadways, airways, and railways. And once you’re here, you can easily explore the area with the help of local transportation like autos and buses. And the best time to visit? Winter, of course! When the weather is cool and perfect for a picnic.

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