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Garden of Five Senses, is a 20-acre paradise for nature lovers that will awaken your senses and leave you mesmerized!

As you enter the Garden, two enormous sculptures of ascending birds made of stainless steel will welcome you. And the fun doesn’t stop there! The plaza in front of you is set on a rocky ramp and leads to a spiral walk away amidst a parade of slate-colored stone elephants.

To the right of the spiral stairway is the Khas Bagh, inspired by the Mughal char bagh style. It’s a tiny piece of heaven with lush green lawns, cascades of water, and small shrubberies. The median axis has umpteen fountains, and the main attraction is the sculpture of a ‘Fountain Tree’ – a fountain cum tree lit up by a fiber-optic lighting system.

On the other side of the spiral walk away is the poised food court, serving insanely delicious food, and a tiny shopping area selling knick-knacks and souvenirs. A few steps ahead, you’ll find the rocky ridge with stone silhouettes and a magnanimous pinwheel. Take another trail of winding paths, and you’ll reach Neel Bagh – a mesmerizing pool of water lilies with climbers and seasonal flowers all around. Overhead, the trees are decorated with wind chimes that soothe your senses with their lulling music.

As you delve deeper into the garden, you’ll come across a beautiful amalgamation of varied colored floral species and bushes that are sure to entice you with their utopian composition. And not far from there is the endearing amphitheater, nestled amidst huge trees and dense wilderness. This is the area that hosts most of the cultural events and various art workshops. The garden also has a tiny solar area that generates solar energy for most of the garden area.

The management organizes guided tours of the garden called Nature Walks, where you’ll learn about the trees, Mughal-inspired architecture, and myriad species of flowers growing there. But honestly, the best way to experience this place is to just let yourself loose and admire the beauty of it all.

And here’s a fun fact – the government hoisted a replica of Labna in Mexico in the Garden of Five Senses, believed to be a goodwill gesture to Mexico. The original Labna was built by Mayans located in Yucatan, Mexico, dating back to 862 AD. And the local Labna Arch serves as the center for many cultural activities.

So, mark your calendars for the third week of February, when the Garden hosts a breathtaking flower festival. It’s the season of spring, and you’ll witness some wild and exotic breeds in full bloom, making for an enthralling experience.

But before you head out, here are some tips to keep in mind. Carry your ID proof for the ticket counter, and strictly avoid littering, as the park is a plastic-free zone. Don’t forget to carry a camera or a good camera mobile phone to capture the essence of the place.

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