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Drung Waterfall, is the coolest and most breathtaking attraction in Tangmarg!

This cascading waterfall is a must-visit for anyone seeking a fun and unique experience amidst majestic mountains. And the best part? It freezes over completely during winter, making for an unforgettable sight!

During summers, Drung Waterfall offers a serene retreat where you can bask in the beauty of the surrounding greenery and explore nearby caves. But let’s be real, you’re here for the winter wonderland! The frozen waterfall, lake, and streams are a sight to cheer, and if you’re feeling brave enough, you can even dip your toes in the ice-cold waters.

You need to hire an ATV or take a chain taxi from Tangmarg during winters, and it costs around 2000-2500 to get to the waterfall and Gulmarg. And if you’re planning on visiting during the summer, you don’t need such special vehicles.

The valley will be absolutely stunning, with low-lying clouds and a slight drizzle. And the view of the waterfall is just magical!

Drung is a small hamlet that has become a popular tourist attraction recently. It’s around 50km off Srinagar and falls in the tehsil of Tangmarg of Gulmarg. There are only a few lodgings and hotels in Drung, so it’s best to visit en route to Gulmarg. The road leading to the waterfall winds through a thick jungle with breathtaking panoramic views, making it look like a fairytale!

In summers, Drung Waterfall is green with all the plantations and long meadows, and the waterfall dances and comes down beautifully. You can even enjoy your lunch or snack beside the waterfall. But let’s be honest, the real fun is during winter when everything is frozen, and you can have a blast in the ice-cold waters.

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