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Diu Museum is located in the St. Thomas Church of Diu.

This museum showcases the rich past of the region and has some really old statues that can make you wonder.

To get to the museum, you’ll have to take a beautiful garden path, which has lovely fountains on either side. And if you visit in the evening, you’ll be greeted with some multi-colored lights that will make the place look like a disco.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find numerous stone inscriptions of ancient rulers, antique statues, wood carvings, and idols. The museum also has shadow-clocks, which are like regular clocks but with a shadow. And let’s not forget the 400-year-old wooden and marble statues of St. Thomas and St. Benedict, which are further beautified by the special lighting outside the building.

The St. Thomas Church itself is an ancient colonial architecture building, and it’s in desperate need of some renovation. It looks like it could use a paint job and some pest control, but hey, that’s what gives it character. And to be honest, the museum itself is pretty small and only names for information. But let’s face it, you’re probably here because it’s next to the St. Paul Church, which is a popular tourist spot, so might as well make the most of it and check out the museum too.

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