Deeg Palace, built by Raja Suraj Mal in the 18th century is in Rajasthan,

This palace served as the summer resort of the royal family of Bharatpur and was a strategic escape from the scorching heat. But don’t let its purpose fool you, the Deeg Palace is a true architectural marvel that stands elegantly amidst beautifully laid out gardens.

With its rich history dating back to 1722 when Raja Badan Singh was crowned, the Deeg Palace has faced its fair share of battles. But, thanks to prince Surajmal who built a fort around the palace in 1730, featuring massive walls and a deep moat, it was able to successfully fend off attacks from invaders. The Jats famously fought off a combined Mughal and Maratha army of 80,000 soldiers at the Deeg Palace.

As you approach the palace, you’ll be mesmerized by its reflection in the surrounding waters, making it seem like a fairy tale castle. The palace is characterized by elaborately filigreed gates, stone slabs, ornate beams, and marble jaalis from Mughal monuments. And, did you hear about the beautiful marble swing said to have belonged to Nurjahan? It was brought to the palace as a war trophy and is positioned at a vantage point overlooking the gardens.

The Deeg Palace complex is sprawled beautifully with palaces and gardens, and the center is beautified with a well-laid garden complete with walkways, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, and fountains, providing a wonderful cooling effect during the summer. The two huge water tanks, Gopal Sagar and Rup Sagar, on either side add to the romantic ambience and help bring down the temperature.

You’ll find several important monuments inside the Deeg Palace, such as Singh Pol, Gopal Bhawan, Suraj Bhawan, Kishan Bhawan, Hardev Bhawan, Keshav Bhawan, Nand Bhawan, and Purana Mahal. Although they may not be as massive as other fortified Rajasthan palaces, they are unmatched in terms of grandeur of conception and attention to detail.

Visiting Deeg Palace is a must on your way to Bharatpur or an extended visit from Barsana/Mathura. And, to make your visit even more special, be sure to plan it for the 10th of October or 4th of February (check for exact dates) when they run the festivals and open the fountains.

With over 2000 fountain systems, this summer palace for the king is a sight to behold.

Just a heads up, the stones used need to be submerged in water, which is becoming a challenge in maintaining the palace, but with a little Google search on its history, you won’t need a guide. And, if you still want one, there’s a separate museum guide available inside. So, don’t wait, plan your visit to the Deeg Palace today!

Popularity Rating

Parking Difficulty : High
Walking Needed : For 100 meters
Time Needed : 2-3 Hours
Open Timings : 9.00 AM to 3:00 PM
Still Photography : Allowed
Video Photography : Allowed
Cooler Climate for most part of the year.
Carry Umbrella
Wear Comfortable Shoes
Wear Cotton Dress with pullovers
Carry Binoculars
Nearest Railway Station : Kodai Road Railway Station
Nearest Airport : Madurai Airport
Nearest National Highway : NH32
Nearest Landmark : Kodai Market

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